Smith England Display Cabinet.

This oak display cabinet was commissioned by Smith England in time for the grand opening of their flag ship salon in Salisbury city centre. 

Smith England is a luxury boutique and hair salon set in a beautiful Tudor building, situated right next to the Cathedral Gate. 

With this spectacular setting in mind, the brief was to construct a large display cabinet that is practical in its use, stylish in its look, but is also in keeping with its traditional period setting. 

The display cabinet is made from solid oak that has been stained and waxed to a high finish. It was built in two parts (shelves and cupboards), for easy assembly and access through the salon doors.

The shelves are fully adjustable and fitted with individual 12 volt, flush mounted, spot lights to illuminate the exclusive products for sale.

The finished cabinet sits beautifully within the luxurious salon, visible from the street and is an excellent example of good design, timelessly straddling both traditional classic and contemporary modern genres.

For more information please visit the Smith England website