Bespoke Dining Table and Chairs.

This stunning bespoke dining table and 6 chairs has been commissioned by clients in the New Forest to complete their newly built kitchen extension.


The table is made from solid maple and features a subtle curve along each side, allowing it to sit beautifully within the dining space.

The six dining chairs are made from laminated maple that has been  shaped over a mould using a former in a vacuum press, giving the chair backs a gentle curve for style and ergonomic comfort.

The legs are made from brushed stainless steel and are secretly bonded to the wood so there are no visible fixings.

The ‘keyhole’ design featured in the each chair back, gave the client the clean lined contemporary look they were hoping to achieve. 

All pieces are finished with Osmo wax, which gives the maple a beautiful fresh finish and makes the most of the subtle colours and grain in the wood as well as an enduring protective finish.